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Solution to send mails from development systems/servers - Strictly for developers

I faced this issue many times when I had to test the mail feature in my projects. I then had to add SMTP library separately to check in different web based mails like Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc. or need to upload the code to production servers where mails worked.

Mandrill (sends to any really account - preferred for UAT and Production systems) and Mailtrap (sends to single account for any email address - preferred for Development systems) provides a very good way to do this. With small changes in configuration of the server we can easily use this to send mails to any account without having SPAM issues.

Mandrill can also be a very useful tool to send mails in production if Client has budget or the number of mails are very limited. It provides tracking tools, graph and we can even configure BCC on all mails without changing code for debugging purpose.
Today, I will cover how to configure it in Postfix (Linux Ubuntu/CentOS/Amazon Linux) and XAMPP using Sendmail.

Installing Postfix